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The Mac makes 25, The Pope makes YouTube

I grinned to myself on Friday when the much reported 25th birthday of the first Apple Mac was celebrated. Soon after its launch in 1984 - and at least a couple of months after Stephen Fry and Douglas Adams were tapping away on their milestone machines - I was sent to cover the first Apple Mac being used at a local school. Seemed like most of the school budget had been blown on it and the teacher in charge was immensely proud.  I've mentioned before that our old garage was something of a Mac museum before we upped sticks and moved here and I spend more time every day with my current Mac than any other piece of kit so I am a sucker for 'nice' Mac stories, especially now they are having such a rocky ride in the mainstream media. 

I can also remember 25 years ago reporting on local churches in that same London borough. The churches issued a collective warning that too much TV was bad for you; so the news, again on Friday, that The Pope  has launched his own YouTube channel demonstrated once again how time has changed the way we approach and utilise technology.

I suspect that 25 years hence, we will simply access a direct conversation with a virtual pope via eye-vision. You might give the idea short shrift, but who knows?  After all, less than a generation ago the marriage of YouTube and a Pontiff would have been almost impossible to conceive.