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Protests inevitable at Thatcher funeral

It is absolutely inevitable that there will be protests at Margaret Thatcher's funeral. She polarised people in life and the same will be true of her death - which is why I think the whole notion of the 'pomp and circumstance' farewell she is being given (at huge expense, albeit shared between the British taxpayer and her estate) is a complete nonsense.

I was a young reporter when she came to power and that election was the first I ever covered. In the months and years that followed, I covered the riots, the job losses, the broken dreams and circumstances of many, many British people and watched as those more fortunately placed in the Thatcherite system did exceptionally well.  

She was an astute politician, well served by her public relations practitioners of the time and her staunch-but-scary Chief Press Secretary Sir Bernard Ingham.  Following her death, many people have remarked that Margaret Thatcher genuinely loved the country that she served. Trouble was, she never really seemed to like the real flesh-and-blood people of Britain very much at all. And it will be those people, the ones who watched their lives and livelihoods crumble to dust under her reign, who will turn their backs on the funeral cortege as it rumbles through London beneath a silent Big Ben. 

She spoke a great deal about prudence in her time. A private funeral would have been a more prudent choice.