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No accident that ACC boss stands out

ACC CE Scott Pickering on TVNZ's Q&A August 19In marked contrast to the woeful Fonterra performances on mainstream media of late, the new ACC chief executive Scott Pickering did an excellent job on Q&A this week following the latest privacy breaches within his organisation.

Unlike his predecessors, this new CE appeared in control of the situation, was able to explain but not excuse, describe what was being done to redress the situation and outline the way ahead for the organisation.

He was properly briefed, had the facts - as he saw them - to hand  and responded well to interview questions designed to throw him off guard. 

I hope that all the wishes he articulated for ACC and its customers come to fruition as it would mean that the organisation that he described as part of New Zealand's DNA will have regained some of the social capital lost so spectacularly in recent years.

Long may he keep working on listening and re-establishing public trust and let's hope too that some other organisational leaders around the country learn a lesson or two about interviews from this fresh-faced CE.