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Expect data denouements to punctuate political performances

The news that the Obama official tweeting for some time under the username @NatSecWonk has been unmasked is no surprise.  They were bound to find him out in the end. The most interesting thing for me about the story was closeted in a simple sentence: 

"It said his travel and shopping habits had been profiled by parsing over 2,000 tweets"

This is an approach we will see more and more of in the months ahead as people become much smarter about using the data available to them. The trail we leave online is long and winding and the option of anonymity reduces by the hour.

Organisations - once they wake up to the fact - will increasingly use data mining to reach their stakeholders and, if they are savvy enough, stakeholders will use data mining to benefit themselves.

The rise of data journalism is not unexpected, but again, is mostly ignored by those who should have woken up to this approach many moons ago. 

So, data, data everywhere - when will they stop and think?