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Cow pat energy could boost data storage?

The latest research paper from Hewlett Packard puts a whole new slant on digital waste. Their idea? Use waste from the dairy industry to create 'natural energy plants that could power data storage centres. Apparently 10,000 dairy cows would produce 1GW, enough to supply electricity to the farmer and the... Read more →

The Tweet Imperative: Practitioner Beware

Little story today about problems at a tween star's autograph signing, but one with major implications for communicators who regularly use Twitter to advise, inform and attract people to events. There are different versions of the story around - one says the executive was arrested for not tweeting when told,... Read more →

Another Tsunami warning and NZ Civil Defence communication still looks scarily inept

As I write, we are on another tsunami advisory following three more Pacific earthquakes, this time around Vanuatu. Whether the island will suffer the same terrible devastation and loss as Samoa and parts of Tonga we don't yet know - we can only hope that all are safe and that... Read more →

Where is the Chorus of Disapproval?

Well I for one was staggered at the news that Chorus engineers are likely to be turned from employees to owner operators. In the much vaunted 'current climate' isn't it a bit thick to be turning long-standing employees out into the cold to survive on their own? Particularly as these... Read more →

Don't worry about owning social media - just defend it

There is a blog post today from Text 100 about 'who owns social media', which came to my notice via @creoceo. In this case, they suggest this 'duel' is between public relations and advertising. Personally, I think they might just have too much time on their hands. This week we... Read more →

Will Iceland's summer election warm the nation's economy?

After the food shortages of last year, the riots and then the 'pots and pans' or Saucepan Revolution in January, Iceland heads to the polls this weekend. The election is a direct result of citizen protests triggered as the Icelandic economy went into melt-down. Tomorrow's election (April 25) - is... Read more →

Scaring us into recession

Wise words from Phil O‚ÄôReilly this morning on breakfast when he suggested that we might just be scaring ourselves into recession, with a lot of help from mainstream media. The more people are told the sky is about to fall in, the more they will expect it to be so.... Read more →

Selling hot air - should we believe everything the physicist says about Google?

I was taken by the digibabble about an alarmist piece published by Times Online, centred on the observations of physicist Alex Wissner-Gross who suggests that a single Google search generates 7g of CO2, versus around 15g for a tea kettle. He also, as pointed out in a thoughtful piece in... Read more →

Food shortages: Price of food basics triples - 923 million people undernourished worldwide

We are just over a week on from World Food Day. Statistics published to coincide with the event indicate that 923 million people worldwide are short of food and undernourished. If that number is too big to cope with, or seems meaningless, then think of it as every person in... Read more →

Can public relations really carry on without permission?

For a long time now, the debate has raged over the regulation of public relations. Should we have a licence or should we not? Should it be self-regulated or legally enforced? Still it continues. But I wonder what the younger practitioner makes of the debate. The financial convulsions around the... Read more →