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When the Ghost in the Machine needs to back off

So this weekend Facebook decided that it would make some decisions on my behalf, selectively editing my friends' updates, information, quiz results, likes (but not dislikes as there is no button) et al. Today, Google launches social search so I can retrieve information from my public social graph that will... Read more →

A Darkening of the Cloud?

The concept of cloud computing has, as we know, gained considerable ground, tipped over by Microsoft's Azure, but established as a potential reality by the Googles and Amazons of this world some time past. The news that Googledocs 'leak' earlier this month, followed by this weekend's report that a 'vast... Read more →

Conning the consumer - is today's petrol hike simply unjustified profiteering?

I am stunned to see that the petrol companies have hiked the price of petrol in New Zealand yet again today - making a 10c rise in less than 48 hours. Yesterday's reason was apparently an increase in the cost of refined petrol. At the time of writing nobody has... Read more →

Selling hot air - should we believe everything the physicist says about Google?

I was taken by the digibabble about an alarmist piece published by Times Online, centred on the observations of physicist Alex Wissner-Gross who suggests that a single Google search generates 7g of CO2, versus around 15g for a tea kettle. He also, as pointed out in a thoughtful piece in... Read more →

When the Celebrity CEO is the brand, the Celebrity CEO must communicate

It seems that the communicators at Apple are not being as switched on and savvy as their neat little gadgets. As I've mentioned before, I have been an Apple girl since the first ones appeared many years ago and while I am devoted to the kit, I have not always... Read more →

Microsoft's head definitely in the clouds

Well, it had to happen. Microsoft has announced Azure, its 'cloud' on-line system - here is the BBC take on the announcement. Here's some comment from The New York Times and some views from PC World. Really though, do they honestly believe that people are going to keep forking out... Read more →

Food shortages: Price of food basics triples - 923 million people undernourished worldwide

We are just over a week on from World Food Day. Statistics published to coincide with the event indicate that 923 million people worldwide are short of food and undernourished. If that number is too big to cope with, or seems meaningless, then think of it as every person in... Read more →

Could Iceland's food shortage follow in Baltic, NZ and UK?

There has been much media talk and blogosphere and forum babble about the potential domino effect of Iceland's financial woes, now compounded by impending food shortages, although mainstream media has largely ignored this aspect of the story. Commentators have suggested that Icelanders are going to have to catch an awful... Read more →