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Hurrah - I'm a Newspaper Publisher

A longtime fan of NewsCred, their latest development is seriously cool - just think of the possibilities for this type of off the shelf publishing. Check out my new 'newspaper', PR Dimensions, and tell me what you think I should add - I am looking for global public relations feeds,... Read more

The Tweet Imperative: Practitioner Beware

Little story today about problems at a tween star's autograph signing, but one with major implications for communicators who regularly use Twitter to advise, inform and attract people to events. There are different versions of the story around - one says the executive was arrested for not tweeting when told,... Read more

Another Tsunami warning and NZ Civil Defence communication still looks scarily inept

As I write, we are on another tsunami advisory following three more Pacific earthquakes, this time around Vanuatu. Whether the island will suffer the same terrible devastation and loss as Samoa and parts of Tonga we don't yet know - we can only hope that all are safe and that... Read more

Fed up with your own country? Well here's a virtual one for you inhabit

A New Year invitation to become a citizen of what is claimed to be the world's first virtual country - not a virtual world - is out there for all to accept. Wirtland (pronounced Virtland I believe) was established in August 2008 and Cristopher Luengo, the country's external relations manager... Read more

Microsoft's head definitely in the clouds

Well, it had to happen. Microsoft has announced Azure, its 'cloud' on-line system - here is the BBC take on the announcement. Here's some comment from The New York Times and some views from PC World. Really though, do they honestly believe that people are going to keep forking out... Read more

Food crisis looms on back of finance woes - but who will act now?

There were plenty of warnings out there over the last twelve to fifteen months that trust in the global financial markets had weakened and was at breaking point. My ears pricked up permanently and I went to action stations when the UK's Northern Rock foundered and I have no doubt... Read more