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Can public relations really carry on without permission?

For a long time now, the debate has raged over the regulation of public relations. Should we have a licence or should we not? Should it be self-regulated or legally enforced? Still it continues. But I wonder what the younger practitioner makes of the debate. The financial convulsions around the... Read more →

Panic and Profit make Biofuel the new Fool's Gold

Had my dad lived, he would have been 100 today. He married very late in life and I was at the tail end of a large Irish family. The reason I mention him - apart from it being a very significant anniversary for me - is that he was the... Read more →

'May those who help the most win'

While reading up on the finer points of Android, I stumbled on Google's tenth birthday offering - Project10^100 - designed to encourage good ideas that can change the world. A very 'nice idea' about promoting 'nice ideas' and an obvious expansion of the TED concept which has been running for... Read more →

Suddenly, the 'text book' engages in conversation

One of the best things about blogs is that you never know who is going to materialise on your platform or who might be listening to the conversations. Great example of this in the last fortnight is the post from Heather Yaxley at PR Conversations which led to Jim Grunig... Read more →