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Microsoft's head definitely in the clouds

Well, it had to happen. Microsoft has announced Azure, its 'cloud' on-line system - here is the BBC take on the announcement. Here's some comment from The New York Times and some views from PC World. Really though, do they honestly believe that people are going to keep forking out... Read more →

Food Shortages: One leader calls for help, another executes those who call

Contrasting approaches to critical food shortages are apparent today. Neither needs much comment from me. On the one hand, according to Malaysian news agency Bernama: "Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called for global political will to address severe food shortages and help developing countries reduce hunger... Read more →

Food shortages: Price of food basics triples - 923 million people undernourished worldwide

We are just over a week on from World Food Day. Statistics published to coincide with the event indicate that 923 million people worldwide are short of food and undernourished. If that number is too big to cope with, or seems meaningless, then think of it as every person in... Read more →

Amid the crisis, Iceland asks the world: How would you vote?

Before Iceland’s finance and food crisis became so very public, three guys from that country launched a little site with a great big idea - If the World Could Vote. Anyone can go along and cast their vote and the idea is that the results will provide a snapshot of... Read more →

Financial crisis latest: New Zealand to run out of 'experts'?

It would seem things have got really serious. Anyone watching Kiwi mainstream media in the last few months may, like me, have begun to conclude that the first visible impact of the global financial crisis here is a total lack of experts in the field. The main 'financial' pundit we... Read more →

Could Iceland's food shortage follow in Baltic, NZ and UK?

There has been much media talk and blogosphere and forum babble about the potential domino effect of Iceland's financial woes, now compounded by impending food shortages, although mainstream media has largely ignored this aspect of the story. Commentators have suggested that Icelanders are going to have to catch an awful... Read more →

Cold comfort for Iceland as food shortages loom

As a 'ps' to yesterday's post - and in case you were thinking that the whole issue of food shortages is just something for the so-called 'poorer' nations to worry about, take a look at what is in store - or not - for Iceland on the back of the... Read more →

Food crisis looms on back of finance woes - but who will act now?

There were plenty of warnings out there over the last twelve to fifteen months that trust in the global financial markets had weakened and was at breaking point. My ears pricked up permanently and I went to action stations when the UK's Northern Rock foundered and I have no doubt... Read more →