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Cast a wary eye North as Iceland riots over crisis

Currently being reported as food riots in some blogs, the unrest in Iceland sees a physical manifestation of the financial meltdown that left the country all but bankrupt and, at times, facing severe food shortages. Here's the ITN report on YouTube and a report from The Scotsman. Check on some... Read more →

Thanksgiving ahead - but food shortages increase in US towns

There has been a significant increase in the last three weeks in the number of stories coming out of the USA highlighting the problems and shortages facing the country's foodbanks. As times get tougher, more and more people are turning to foodbanks for help - some are reporting increases of... Read more →

Dropping a clanger in space - as non-recoverable as the US CEOs' Congress blunder

My heart went out to the astronaut who dropped her toolbag during a spacewalk earlier this week - see it drift away here. Definitely a non-recoverable position for anyone, but a genuine mistake nonetheless. The same cannot be said for the CEOs who turned up in their corporate jets in... Read more →

But Hadron Collider hits the skids with a £14m repair bill

Replicating the Big Bang doesn't come cheap, but at least those who were worried it might just trigger the end of the world will be relieved. Scientists now say, according to the BBC, that the repair bill is huge and the Collider will be out of action for much longer... Read more →

I've been a big fan of the Hubble space telescope since its launch and avidly followed its adventures since it first began looking out into space. Late last week while I was zipping around, I came across this story from Hubble. "Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have taken the... Read more →

John Key wins - so will PR get the axe?

So John Key took to the stage on Saturday night to celebrate his election victory and delivered probably the most unstatesmanlike acceptance speech I have ever heard. He sounded more like he had won the rugby world cup than just taken over the governance of the country. Mind you, perhaps... Read more →

Never proof what you don't understand - Welsh road sign points the way

My favourite story of the week (so far) and a blissful relief from New Zealand and US election news comes from Wales. It highlights proof-reading perils for anyone involved with printing of any kind. It is the tale of a road sign, a translation and how both were doomed by... Read more →

My friend Judy Gombita sent me this fantastic photoshop job of Sarah and Barack - maybe post election this could be the kind of cross-party collaboration we might hope to see. McCain and Hilary Clinton would have been an interesting mix too. I have tried to find the original source,... Read more →