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Nipping Naked Hikers in the Bud

I was about to write a thoughtful and insightful piece (yeah right) on the economy. Then I got completely distracted by the story about new laws to curb naked hikers in Switzerland. Apparently local government in the Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden plan to introduce fines for anyone found walking in... Read more →

The Mac makes 25, The Pope makes YouTube

I grinned to myself on Friday when the much reported 25th birthday of the first Apple Mac was celebrated. Soon after its launch in 1984 - and at least a couple of months after Stephen Fry and Douglas Adams were tapping away on their milestone machines - I was sent... Read more →

Conning the consumer - is today's petrol hike simply unjustified profiteering?

I am stunned to see that the petrol companies have hiked the price of petrol in New Zealand yet again today - making a 10c rise in less than 48 hours. Yesterday's reason was apparently an increase in the cost of refined petrol. At the time of writing nobody has... Read more →

Selling hot air - should we believe everything the physicist says about Google?

I was taken by the digibabble about an alarmist piece published by Times Online, centred on the observations of physicist Alex Wissner-Gross who suggests that a single Google search generates 7g of CO2, versus around 15g for a tea kettle. He also, as pointed out in a thoughtful piece in... Read more →

Fed up with your own country? Well here's a virtual one for you inhabit

A New Year invitation to become a citizen of what is claimed to be the world's first virtual country - not a virtual world - is out there for all to accept. Wirtland (pronounced Virtland I believe) was established in August 2008 and Cristopher Luengo, the country's external relations manager... Read more →