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A rose by any other name might just sound silly

Loved this week's story from BBC and others on the UK's most unfortunate names. During my years as a journalist I constantly encountered unusual, unfortunate and amusing names. This story prompted me to recall, among others, a young lady called Courtenay Fish and another child I once heard of who... Read more →

Scaring us into recession

Wise words from Phil O‚ÄôReilly this morning on breakfast when he suggested that we might just be scaring ourselves into recession, with a lot of help from mainstream media. The more people are told the sky is about to fall in, the more they will expect it to be so.... Read more →

Even the simplest technology can get us in the end...

I laugh at fairly frequently, but this clip with the mismanaged microphone had me chuckling all the way to work. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try and prepare our clients and friends for their presentation, something still eludes them... Read more →

Join the Twestival - Feb 12 2009 - and get some cool water

Something really cool from Twitter (at long last). Social media for social good. If you like your Twitter, then join the Twestival tomorrow night in Sale Street for some fun and fundraising for clean water around the globe. Why? Because right now, 1.1 billion people on the planet don't have... Read more →