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When the Ghost in the Machine needs to back off

So this weekend Facebook decided that it would make some decisions on my behalf, selectively editing my friends' updates, information, quiz results, likes (but not dislikes as there is no button) et al. Today, Google launches social search so I can retrieve information from my public social graph that will... Read more →

Applaud Obama for sure. But the Nobel Peace Prize? Premature I'd say.

Barack Obama appears to have achieved a great deal on the 'home front' in a relatively short time but the announcement that he has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize took me completely by surprise because I was unaware he had made any significant contribution to 'World Peace'. Correct me... Read more →

Another Tsunami warning and NZ Civil Defence communication still looks scarily inept

As I write, we are on another tsunami advisory following three more Pacific earthquakes, this time around Vanuatu. Whether the island will suffer the same terrible devastation and loss as Samoa and parts of Tonga we don't yet know - we can only hope that all are safe and that... Read more →