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The Tweet Imperative: Practitioner Beware

Little story today about problems at a tween star's autograph signing, but one with major implications for communicators who regularly use Twitter to advise, inform and attract people to events. There are different versions of the story around - one says the executive was arrested for not tweeting when told,... Read more →

The bitter taste of chocolate coated influence

There is a real and present danger that the benefits of social media, the open channels, the acceptance of newcomers and the willingness to actually listen to someone else (and I mean properly listen) will diminish and content, instead of having the power to change things will become another platform for marketing spam. Read more →

Media sharks miss out on a great bite

When I first came to New Zealand from the rough tabloid environment that rules the UK, I found the news reporting here rather charming. It was polite, sometimes bordering on the reverential and always, always, tied firmly to local affairs. Even my sons remember the five minute slot awarded to... Read more →