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Azonto's everywhere - but what's your 'work dance'?

I've been really enjoying the spread of Azonto these last few months - and you know something has reached critical mass when the BBC starts analysing a trend and getting its reporters into the swing. 

From a work perspective, I've been delighting in the fact that the dance blends fun and heaps of non-verbal communication. It started out as a means of communicating what you were doing, what you were working at and how you were spending your time, before evolving into the Azonto that's tipping off dancers as to those in the room who'd like their phone number.

I like the whole idea of a 'work dance'. It would certainly make Linkedin more fun if we had to construct a non-verbal explanation of what we do each day.

If you haven't caught up with Azonto yet, here's one of the many virals. Take a look - and plan out your work dance - I'm working on mine...