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Why Tongariro eruption should ignite New Zealand's infrastructure plans

image from www.gns.cri.nzThe beginning of August saw Pacific Fibre close its doors after valiant attempts to finance and construct a second cable to secure New Zealand's connections to all things web. At the moment we have only the Southern Cross cable to keep us going, which to me seems utterly foolhardy - if not reckless. 

This morning, Mount Tongariro gave out an unexpected blast, reminding us all that we live on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire.  As I write, Rangitoto - 600 years old and now considered dormant - sits astride the ocean channel pictured at the top of this blog, just across the water from where the solitary Southern Cross cable comes ashore. 

One of everything is fine if you are in the business of  living a quiet, isolated life but in today's world where government, commerce, education and industry rely almost completely on their digital communication and transactions, a single cable should not remain our only connection, particularly in a physical environment as volatile as ours.

We have had a couple of years of pretty intense seismic activity and while my money was on White Island letting rip after its rumblings last weekend, today's Tongariro event should, at the very least, fire up some forward thinking by our politicians and policy makers regarding the future tethering of New Zealand to the digital world. 

We have one cable, one harbour bridge and we have seen how hard it is to rebuild and repair infrastructures after the Canterbury earthquakes. Surely it is time for people to think ahead, build ahead and take their collective heads out of the volcanic sands?