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Azonto's everywhere - but what's your 'work dance'?

I've been really enjoying the spread of Azonto these last few months - and you know something has reached critical mass when the BBC starts analysing a trend and getting its reporters into the swing. From a work perspective, I've been delighting in the fact that the dance blends fun... Read more →

Over at Farmville, people are busy putting the finishing touches to their Haunted Houses ready for Halloween. Me, I've been looking at digital footprints for one reason or another, and I have to say I've been struck by the number of organisations that have sprung up offering digital services for... Read more →

Media sharks miss out on a great bite

When I first came to New Zealand from the rough tabloid environment that rules the UK, I found the news reporting here rather charming. It was polite, sometimes bordering on the reverential and always, always, tied firmly to local affairs. Even my sons remember the five minute slot awarded to... Read more →

A rose by any other name might just sound silly

Loved this week's story from BBC and others on the UK's most unfortunate names. During my years as a journalist I constantly encountered unusual, unfortunate and amusing names. This story prompted me to recall, among others, a young lady called Courtenay Fish and another child I once heard of who... Read more →

Even the simplest technology can get us in the end...

I laugh at failblog.org fairly frequently, but this clip with the mismanaged microphone had me chuckling all the way to work. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try and prepare our clients and friends for their presentation, something still eludes them... Read more →

Nipping Naked Hikers in the Bud

I was about to write a thoughtful and insightful piece (yeah right) on the economy. Then I got completely distracted by the story about new laws to curb naked hikers in Switzerland. Apparently local government in the Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden plan to introduce fines for anyone found walking in... Read more →