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Will Iceland's summer election warm the nation's economy?

After the food shortages of last year, the riots and then the 'pots and pans' or Saucepan Revolution in January, Iceland heads to the polls this weekend. The election is a direct result of citizen protests triggered as the Icelandic economy went into melt-down. Tomorrow's election (April 25) - is... Read more →

Scaring us into recession

Wise words from Phil O’Reilly this morning on breakfast when he suggested that we might just be scaring ourselves into recession, with a lot of help from mainstream media. The more people are told the sky is about to fall in, the more they will expect it to be so.... Read more →

Conning the consumer - is today's petrol hike simply unjustified profiteering?

I am stunned to see that the petrol companies have hiked the price of petrol in New Zealand yet again today - making a 10c rise in less than 48 hours. Yesterday's reason was apparently an increase in the cost of refined petrol. At the time of writing nobody has... Read more →

Cast a wary eye North as Iceland riots over crisis

Currently being reported as food riots in some blogs, the unrest in Iceland sees a physical manifestation of the financial meltdown that left the country all but bankrupt and, at times, facing severe food shortages. Here's the ITN report on YouTube and a report from The Scotsman. Check on some... Read more →

Thanksgiving ahead - but food shortages increase in US towns

There has been a significant increase in the last three weeks in the number of stories coming out of the USA highlighting the problems and shortages facing the country's foodbanks. As times get tougher, more and more people are turning to foodbanks for help - some are reporting increases of... Read more →

Dropping a clanger in space - as non-recoverable as the US CEOs' Congress blunder

My heart went out to the astronaut who dropped her toolbag during a spacewalk earlier this week - see it drift away here. Definitely a non-recoverable position for anyone, but a genuine mistake nonetheless. The same cannot be said for the CEOs who turned up in their corporate jets in... Read more →

Food Shortages: One leader calls for help, another executes those who call

Contrasting approaches to critical food shortages are apparent today. Neither needs much comment from me. On the one hand, according to Malaysian news agency Bernama: "Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called for global political will to address severe food shortages and help developing countries reduce hunger... Read more →

Food shortages: Price of food basics triples - 923 million people undernourished worldwide

We are just over a week on from World Food Day. Statistics published to coincide with the event indicate that 923 million people worldwide are short of food and undernourished. If that number is too big to cope with, or seems meaningless, then think of it as every person in... Read more →

Amid the crisis, Iceland asks the world: How would you vote?

Before Iceland’s finance and food crisis became so very public, three guys from that country launched a little site with a great big idea - If the World Could Vote. Anyone can go along and cast their vote and the idea is that the results will provide a snapshot of... Read more →