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We need more than Kiwi ingenuity to be ready for kick off

I know there are huge life-and-death concerns in the world right now but, at a local level, I find myself worrying more and more as to whether or not we will be ready for kick-off come the Rugby World Cup on September 9 this year. I love New Zealand, I... Read more →

Over at Farmville, people are busy putting the finishing touches to their Haunted Houses ready for Halloween. Me, I've been looking at digital footprints for one reason or another, and I have to say I've been struck by the number of organisations that have sprung up offering digital services for... Read more →

Has US medal mania surplanted good sportsmanship?

Like many millions, I have been watching the Olympics at a distance, full of admiration for those who simply compete as well as those who win. Those dedicated individuals who have trained, worked and sweated their way to be there, often overcoming considerable obstacles in the process. The discussions around... Read more →