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Only the silence seems to grow in face of global food shortages

It is nearly a year since I first blogged about the severe food shortages in North Korea. Today, conditions are much worse, to the point where the cloistered North is even contemplating asking for help from South Korea - so things must be bad. But North Korea is not alone... Read more →

Food Shortages: One leader calls for help, another executes those who call

Contrasting approaches to critical food shortages are apparent today. Neither needs much comment from me. On the one hand, according to Malaysian news agency Bernama: "Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has called for global political will to address severe food shortages and help developing countries reduce hunger... Read more →

Food shortages: Price of food basics triples - 923 million people undernourished worldwide

We are just over a week on from World Food Day. Statistics published to coincide with the event indicate that 923 million people worldwide are short of food and undernourished. If that number is too big to cope with, or seems meaningless, then think of it as every person in... Read more →

Panic and Profit make Biofuel the new Fool's Gold

Had my dad lived, he would have been 100 today. He married very late in life and I was at the tail end of a large Irish family. The reason I mention him - apart from it being a very significant anniversary for me - is that he was the... Read more →

Get out your wipes - or back away from the keyboard

This story from the BBC and elsewhere highlights the 'hidden dangers' in your keyboard. Although we are all probably at risk from identity theft on Facebook, the chances of us catching something nasty from the keyboard is infinitely greater. So break out your wipes, eat your lunch somewhere else -... Read more →