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This week Google changed the media relations game. Now, it seems, we can send a cheery gif to mainstream media (via blog or our channel of choice) that expresses not only our organisation's perspective of the news story or issue but provides visual insight into our sentiment as well. Read more →

What were they thinking? State Services Commission 'bans' tweeting at press conference

I thought it was a hoax when I first read the tweets from journalists at the State Services Commission press conference today - they had, apparently, been banned from tweeting. Then, later this afternoon, out came the story via the Herald and Newstalk ZB that this had, indeed, been the... Read more →

Hurrah - I'm a Newspaper Publisher

A longtime fan of NewsCred, their latest development is seriously cool - just think of the possibilities for this type of off the shelf publishing. Check out my new 'newspaper', PR Dimensions, and tell me what you think I should add - I am looking for global public relations feeds,... Read more →

The Tweet Imperative: Practitioner Beware

Little story today about problems at a tween star's autograph signing, but one with major implications for communicators who regularly use Twitter to advise, inform and attract people to events. There are different versions of the story around - one says the executive was arrested for not tweeting when told,... Read more →

Media sharks miss out on a great bite

When I first came to New Zealand from the rough tabloid environment that rules the UK, I found the news reporting here rather charming. It was polite, sometimes bordering on the reverential and always, always, tied firmly to local affairs. Even my sons remember the five minute slot awarded to... Read more →

Financial crisis latest: New Zealand to run out of 'experts'?

It would seem things have got really serious. Anyone watching Kiwi mainstream media in the last few months may, like me, have begun to conclude that the first visible impact of the global financial crisis here is a total lack of experts in the field. The main 'financial' pundit we... Read more →

Has US medal mania surplanted good sportsmanship?

Like many millions, I have been watching the Olympics at a distance, full of admiration for those who simply compete as well as those who win. Those dedicated individuals who have trained, worked and sweated their way to be there, often overcoming considerable obstacles in the process. The discussions around... Read more →

A funny old day - pervs on the pavement, PM's in the sun...

Ridiculous thing the 'Boobs on Bikes' parade in Auckland. Cheap porno peddlar gets free promo for expo by parading busty beauties through the streets - council displeasure incurred, acres of free publicity on TV and broadcast. My favourite crack came from TV3's Campbell - who dubbed it 'pervs on the... Read more →