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Everywhere in the world you can hear the same cries - ‘business is broken’ or, more worryingly, ‘government is broken’. If we are to help assuage these cries, then PR needs to break too - break away from past misconceptions, determine its role for the future and equip practitioners with the skills and understanding they need in order to get things fixed. Here’s a graphic - and a video - illustrating what public relations is - and should be - in the years ahead. The fact of the matter is that our atomic power, our DNA, our solar system - call it what you will - is complex, chaotic and far beyond the tactical. Relationships form the nucleus of our activity. Read more →

Boosting Energy with creative thinking

Stumbled over this video from Altaeros Energies today. It's a few months old and I can't track the company down via its website (which is only returning cached results at the moment, so it could be a start-up still starting-up) but I thought the innovation was exciting. I also thought... Read more →

All eyes on the skies as the hunt for a 'New Earth' begins

In case you've missed it, the Kepler Mission is scheduled to launch today. And in case that is lost on you as well, Kepler is on the hunt for habitable planets. Much has been made of the possibility that a new 'Earth' will be discovered as this first ever mission... Read more →

But Hadron Collider hits the skids with a £14m repair bill

Replicating the Big Bang doesn't come cheap, but at least those who were worried it might just trigger the end of the world will be relieved. Scientists now say, according to the BBC, that the repair bill is huge and the Collider will be out of action for much longer... Read more →

I've been a big fan of the Hubble space telescope since its launch and avidly followed its adventures since it first began looking out into space. Late last week while I was zipping around, I came across this story from Hubble. "Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have taken the... Read more →

Panic and Profit make Biofuel the new Fool's Gold

Had my dad lived, he would have been 100 today. He married very late in life and I was at the tail end of a large Irish family. The reason I mention him - apart from it being a very significant anniversary for me - is that he was the... Read more →